Affordable Vet Care at Noble Vet Clinic in Dubai Investment Park

Our Veterinarians


Dr. Soheyl Simaei

Head Veterinarian / Surgeon

Founder of Noble Veterinary Clinic

Spoken Languages: Persian, Turkish, Azerbaijani, and English

“I am a veterinarian who loves his mission. I believe in kindness, honesty, true care and hardwork, and that’s why I have named our practice Noble Veterinary Clinic."


Dr. Lidija Krvavac

Veterinarian Surgeon / Hospital SUPV

Spoken Languages: Italian, Croatian, and English

“I’m great at helping owners who want excellent veterinary care and beautiful relationships with their pets. I believe that fostering close relationships between people and all animals is key in sustaining a happy and healthy life."


Dr. Pedro Vincente

Veterinarian Surgeon / Imaging&Ultrasound

Spoken Languages: Spanish and English

“It has been a great honor for me to be part of such a dedicated team here at Noble veterinary clinic, the level of professionalism and care provided is comparable to no one!"

Dr ahmed ghllab noble veterinary clinic

Dr.Ahmed Ghllab

Veterinarian Surgeon

Spoken Languages: Arabic & English

"It is a great pleasure working with Noble Vet & helping animals in extraordinarily wonderful ways. I look forward to the future."

Our Management

Elaine fouz manager noble vet cat

Elaine Fouz

Practice Manager

"As manager of Noble Veterinary Clinic I feel honoured to be part of a Clinic that contributes to Dubai’s’ animal welfare and charity organisations."

Our Administration






"Working in Noble Vet is a wonderful experience for me. Just by seeing our clients come in with sadness and leave with a smile on their faces gives me all the determination in work I need."

"It’s a great opportunity working in Noble Veterinary clinic, seeing our clients smile makes me proud to be part of the team."




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"Dedication and Passion. That's what I learned from Noble Veterinary Clinic. Witnessing our client's passion for their pets makes me more dedicated in providing them the best service."

Our Assistants


Abdul Muneer

Assistant / Pet Handler

“I’ve been warmly accepted at Noble Vet. It’s a gift when you find people who will give you the chance to improve yourself even more!” 



Assistant / Pet Handler

“I’ve recently joined Noble Vet hoping to add to my years of experience handling animals and offering them the best care I can!” 



Veterinary Assisstant/Animal Handler

"I spent my childhood around animals. It is my passion working and caring for animals."



Assistant/Pet Handler

"It`s been great to find an organization here in UAE that live by the same values that I have always believed in and I`m proud to be part of a team that I know will offer the sort of care that I have always wanted to deliver."



Assistant/Pet Handler

"I am grateful to Noble veterinary clinic for allowing me the opportunity to pursue my passion after many years of academic studies." 

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Assistant/Pet Handler

"I am so passionate about what I do and I am so grateful to Noble veterinary clinic for everyday learning and experience." 

shanka groomer noble veterinary clinic g


Pet Groomer/Stylist

"After numerous years in Pet Grooming it still gives me immense pleasure to see the smile of a happy client." 

Passionate Vets at Noble Vet Clinic in DIP
 Riyaz shanka cleaner noble vet hygiene


Clean & Hygiene

"We enjoy our time with Noble veterinary clinic, it is a pleasure to maintain and implement the most professional hygiene standards."