Our Veterinarians

Dr. Soheyl Simaei

Head Veterinarian / Surgeon

Founder of Noble Veterinary Clinic

Spoken Languages: Persian, Turkish, Azerbaijani, and English

“I am a veterinarian who loves his mission. I believe in kindness, honesty, true care and hardwork, and that’s why I have named our practice Noble Veterinary Clinic."

Dr. Lidija Krvavac

Veterinarian Surgeon / Hospital SUPV

Spoken Languages: Italian, Croatian, and English

“I’m great at helping owners who want excellent veterinary care and beautiful relationships with their pets. I believe that fostering close relationships between people and all animals is key in sustaining a happy and healthy life."

Dr. Pedro Vincente

Veterinarian Surgeon / Imaging&Ultrasound

Spoken Languages: Spanish and English

“It has been a great honor for me to be part of such a dedicated team here at Noble veterinary clinic, the level of professionalism and care provided is comparable to no one!"

Dr.Ahmed Ghllab

Veterinarian Surgeon

Spoken Languages: Arabic & English

"It is a great pleasure working with Noble Vet & helping animals in extraordinarily wonderful ways. I look forward to the future."

Our Management

Elaine Fouz

Practice Manager

"As manager of Noble Veterinary Clinic I feel honoured to be part of a Clinic that contributes to Dubai’s’ animal welfare and charity organisations."

Our Administration





"Working in Noble Vet is a wonderful experience for me. Just by seeing our clients come in with sadness and leave with a smile on their faces gives me all the determination in work I need."

"It’s a great opportunity working in Noble Veterinary clinic, seeing our clients smile makes me proud to be part of the team."





"Dedication and Passion. That's what I learned from Noble Veterinary Clinic. Witnessing our client's passion for their pets makes me more dedicated in providing them the best service."

Our Assistants

Abdul Muneer

Assistant / Pet Handler

“I’ve been warmly accepted at Noble Vet. It’s a gift when you find people who will give you the chance to improve yourself even more!” 


Assistant / Pet Handler

“I’ve recently joined Noble Vet hoping to add to my years of experience handling animals and offering them the best care I can!” 


Veterinary Assisstant/Animal Handler

"I spent my childhood around animals. It is my passion working and caring for animals."


Assistant/Pet Handler

"It`s been great to find an organization here in UAE that live by the same values that I have always believed in and I`m proud to be part of a team that I know will offer the sort of care that I have always wanted to deliver."


Assistant/Pet Handler

"I am grateful to Noble veterinary clinic for allowing me the opportunity to pursue my passion after many years of academic studies." 


Assistant/Pet Handler

"I am so passionate about what I do and I am so grateful to Noble veterinary clinic for everyday learning and experience." 


Pet Groomer/Stylist

"After numerous years in Pet Grooming it still gives me immense pleasure to see the smile of a happy client." 


Clean & Hygiene

"We enjoy our time with Noble veterinary clinic, it is a pleasure to maintain and implement the most professional hygiene standards."

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