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Euthanasia is a tough topic, as it is hard to imagine life without our beloved pets. It may come a time, however, when it is a pet owner’s responsibility, though unfortunate, to have to put their pet to sleep. This is the process of Euthanasia.

Though a frightening thought, Euthanasia should be considered an act of kindness, as it reduces our beloved pet’s suffering.

Since it is a complicated process, here are some answered questions that we hope help you through these tough times.

When is the right time?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive ‘right time’. The decision as to when will be made as a joint decision between yourself and your vet after careful consideration of your pet’s condition.

Where will the procedure take place?

The euthanasia procedure can be carried out either here in our clinic or at your home.

If you choose to have the procedure done at the clinic, we will try and schedule you in during a quiet period to offer yourself and your pet some privacy before and after.

Can I be with my pet during the procedure?

Yes, the choice is yours.

What happens during the procedure?

The vet will explain the procedure to you before it takes place. After receiving general anaesthesia, an injection of narcotics will be delivered into either a blood vessel or a muscle.

Only once your pet is fully asleep will the final injection be given, causing your pet’s breathing to slow down and stop along with the heart. Again, your pet will not feel any stress or pain.

What happens after your pet has passed away?

In most cases, your pet will be cremated at a licensed Dubai Municipality crematorium. The Municipality will then be responsible for the ashes after the cremation in accordance with the current law in Dubai.

Alternatively, a private cremation can be carried out by the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory (CVRL) and delivered to Noble Vet Clinic to be given to you.

Affordable Vet Care at Noble Vet Clinic in Dubai Investment Park